Pregnancy Centre

Massages for you and your little one

Here at OM Thai Massage and Spa we understand that expectant or new mothers need extra care with adjusting to their changing bodies. 

Please note that these treatments are designed for clients that are a minimum of 14 weeks pregnant.

Pre-natal Massage

This treatment is specifically design to promote well-being and relaxation during your time of pregnancy. One of our trained therapists will gently work your body to promote blood flow and circulation, this massage can alleviate back pains and improve mobility while creating a sense of calm for your baby. Our massages are specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.

Post-natal Massage

Post natal massage is a beneficial way to promote well-being of the body and mind. Post natal bodies have gone through a lot of changes, both physically and hormonal. Our tailored massages can assist the body’s natural healing process to return to its pre-pregnancy state. We encourage mothers to bring their babies when they visit – if this is something you would be interested in please call to the shop prior to let us know.

Benefits of an OM Pregnancy Massage:

Improves circulation which enhances relaxation

Providing effective pain relief for back pains, stress on joints and pregnancy cramps

Reduces anxiety and promotes sleep

Eases water retention (swelling that may occur in hands, face, legs, ankles and feet)

Enhances skin flexibility and reduces stretch marks (our technique accompanied by the organic coconut oil we use can help repair scarring and stretch marks by hydrating the skin)